Lakefront 88

"Lakefront wanted a way to showcase their ever changing 22oz “Pure Milwaukee Genius Series” that they continually keep developing, which are normally sold one bottle at a time. With the Lakefront 88 (88oz of total beer) customers are able to try 4 different beers for a cheaper price than buying them each separately. The logo for the “88″ came from an overhead view of the 4 bottles in the package. The design in general is meant to be fairly simple and bold to create attention on the shelf and then let the beer speak for itself. Overall the design, the size and the weight of The Lakefront 88 gives it a pretty impactful presence among the other products in the beer cooler."

Designed by: Boelter + Lincoln

Client: Lakefront Brewery, Inc.

Art Director: Brian Stefanik

Writer: Garth Cramer