Student Spotlight: Kochi Spicehouse


Kochi Spicehouse is a fictional company constructed from the ground up, named, branded, and designed as a semester long project.

Packaging is centered around the idea of spice as a medium for expression. Containers draw cues from art supplies such as crayon boxes, pigment pots, turpentine tins, and paint tubes, intended to encourage the user to experience the act of cooking as a creative undertaking. A house motif is also in play with the crossbars of the "H" in "Kochi" and packaging elements throughout becoming rooftops. Collections from various regions are identified by their colors and rooflines.

Designed by Claire Morales a student from University of North Texas.

Detail blacksalt

Detail backlatinboxDetail greekDetail greekopenDetail oilspanishDetail pinksaltGroup boxesGroup saltsGroup tinsGroupbox