Student Spotlight: Sake Duo

Sa-ke- Bomb! Sa-ke- Bomb! Sa-ke- Bomb! Sake Duo and Sake Bomb Duo dynamic patterns recreates the energy of the game. The pattern eludes to japanese patterns and design. See more of the packaging after the jump! 


"Inspired by the notion  that alcohol makes people change their mood and relax, I decided to elaborate on that idea visually by creating pattern. 

This solution helps differentiate the package from competitors and make it stand out on the shelves. 
The aim was to create a unique packaging, which focuses on the Asian influence but does not follow any traditional sector. 

The package "DUO" contains: two different grades of sake and sake bomb set including a shot glass, chopsticks, and a pint glass."

Designed by DHOYEE CHUNG, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York