Cure Body Care


Dowling Duncan have designed the identity and packaging for Cure, a new body care company based in California.


Cure is a company on a mission to make a difference. Their handcrafted products are formulated to cure your body from life's daily stresses while also helping to cure the world. 20% of all purchases goes towards a selection of well deserving charitable organizations. The company's mission is promoted clearly by pulling out a cross in their logotype, a motif that is instantly recognizable as the symbol for ‘aid’ throughout the world. This reinforces and plays on the idea that these products are first aid for your skin as well as having the additional benefit of aiding charities around the world.

A packaging system that embodies the same brand mission and spirit was developed across the full range of body lotions and scrubs at a variety of sizes. The products were launched in San Francisco in November and can be found online at

Designed by Dowling Duncan 

DowlingDuncan Cure2DowlingDuncan Cure3DowlingDuncan Cure4DowlingDuncan Cure5