Sprout Skincare


Sprout is a skincare line handmade in small batches in Brooklyn, NY.

"We use the simplest possible blends of sustainable, truly all-natural ingredients to create products that heal instead of harm. For the redesign of Sprout Skincare's packaging, we wanted to highlight the values of the brand, the simplicity of our production methods, and the purity of our ingredients. The sophisticated, green-minded consumers that love our products easily see through gimmicks and green-washing, so to connect with our no-frills fans, we kept it simple. Like our brand, our hand-drawn logo is inspired by a time before factory production methods. Our glass-bottle jars put the product on display and avoid the potential dangers of plastic alternatives. To highlight our small-batch methods, and personal commitment to quality, we sign and date each individual bottle we produce. And because our products are "made simply with only" the fewest, best ingredients, we proudly put our ingredient list on the front of our package instead of relegating it to 4-point type on the back. "



Credit: SM&KK Studios Creative Director: Katie Klencheski Copywriter: Adam Poor SproutSkincare.com

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