Empyreal 75 Limited Edition Wine

Design a limited edition wine bottle for Empyreal 75, a pet food protein supplement for dogs and cats. Our main target audience was pet food manufacturers who were considering using Empyreal 75. Our secondary audience was pet food enthusiasts. The red wine was distributed at the Pet Food Forum Tradeshow and is also available for limited purchase. From a packaging standpoint, the challenge was to create something memorable that would be immediately recognizable to dog and cat enthusiasts. The turn around time was two weeks.



Both the client and team fell in love with the iconic visual metaphors of the pet collars and tags displayed on the bottles and their association to dogs and cats. The “collar and tag” concept was chosen because of its strong stopping power and packaging opportunities. Production and vendor partners included a printer, tag embosser and a pet collar manufacturer. “Alley Cat Red” and “Foxhound Red” were selected as the names for the two red wines. Both names adorned the stainless steel tags that hung from the leather collars.

AGENCY: www.baileylauerman.com

Creative Director: Ron Sack; Designer: Brandon Oltman; Writers: Nick Main;Production Manager: Michelle Sukup

Winebottle Alleycatred bottleWinebottle Back Label bottleWinebottle Alleycatred CloseupWinebottle foxhoundred bottleWinebottle foxhoundred Closeup