Roxor Artisan Gin

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New Artisan Spirits recently launched Roxor Artisan Gin the first ever Texas Gin.

"'I selected architecture for the bottle concept. I admire the great architects of the world, those that helped create the great skylines of the great cities.' Thus the bottle is called the Skyline bottle. Pavisa, the artisan glass maker in Mexico City, took on the project to make our Skyline Bottle. The first 5,000 are sold in Texas only, and feature the Texas star (in black) on a clear cap.  Afterward, the new custom bottle will feature the brand name ROXOR, embossed on the outside, and a picture of a skyline of bottles on the top.


As to the name, we wanted a strong name to complement the bottle.  A palindrome seemed appropriate.  It began with the proverbial cocktail napkin, with an X placed in the middle, Voila!  ROXOR emerged."

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