Amella Caramels Chocolate


Upon defining the brand identity and product name, Copia Creative's disciplined packaging process began with market research and analysis to define the structure and design as well as messaging and key positioning of Amella.

" We looked at incorporating a natural textured paper stock and explored the package orientation as part of our creative process. As the product is natural and hand crafted, the paper stock became integral in the design. Additionally, we decided on a portrait orientation as it lends itself to the beauty market (i.e. perfume, lipstick). The art direction was both modern and elegant with feminine and 18th century French art inspiration. The greatest challenge with the packaging was applying an extensive amount of required information (including FDA regulated ingredients and nutrition facts, plus flavor and product descriptions) into a small structure without impeding on the elegance of the design. Each package was launched with brand consistency, clearly communicated key attributes, and distinct creative. "

Packaging was designed by Copia CreativeAgave BoxBlack Forest Single PackCarrot boxCarrot Cake Single PackCherry boxMix boxPassion Fruit Single PackPassion box