Welcome To The NEW Dieline!


Hey readers! As you've probably noticed, we made some changes to the site - we would like to take a minute to walk you through them!

1. The universal navigation:

The universal navigation will be at the top of all of our sites. This way, no matter where you lose yourself in our content you can easily navigate back.


2. New Views:

Blog View:

The original blog style view with large preview images and text..

Grid View:

This new option is perfect for viewing all the projects at a glance. In this view, the reader can view all posts as thumbnail images with no text. Viewing the content like this, facilitates finding the posts you're most interested in. 


3. The Side Bar:

Our new sidebar, allows for easy access to all content and sections of The Dieline.


4. The Directory:

Our directory now has a new look! We have made it easier to source everything for your packaging needs. The Dieline Package Design Directory offers a comprehensive listing of Design Firms, Printers, Prototypers, Photographers, Software, and Packaging Materials Suppliers. Interested in joining The Dieline Directory? It's free!


One last update!

The Dieline Package Design Awards 2012  site is now live!

Through the site you can now view our gallery of winners, learn more about the awards program, and get all the info you need to get your entries ready!