Student Spotlight: Group Projects Of 3 Chicks And A Hen

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The class was divided into four teams, and the following is the work of team "3 Chicks and a Hen".


"Artisan Square is a private label brand that provides quality gourmet ingredients and products. The product line of Artisan Square includes staples like produce, fresh foods and pantry items, as well as specialty products. The packaging also features QR codes to provide shoppers with helpful tips such as recommendations of pairings and recipes."

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"You Are Here is a private label endorsed brand that showcases regional specialties from across the country. Each region has a unique look and feel to reflect the unique characteristics of that area."

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"Perennial is a private label brand that carries products in the gardening and backyard lifestyle markets. It is friendly, natural, and organic."

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Designed by Gina Chang, Sanna Luukka, Caroline Saridewi, and Molly Weber, students of Michael Osborne's Spring 2011 Package Design 4 Class at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco