Rewined Candles

Stitch Design Co. created the logo and packaging for this line of all-natural soy wax candles poured into discarded wine bottles:

"They have a family of intoxicating scents which are all designed to mimic flavors and aromas you find in your favorite varietals of wines. [The client] came to us looking to enhance his current packaging. We redesigned his logo using hand-drawn type and redesigned his kraft paper labels with simple typography and a layered labeling system. Each candle has a  'vintage and producer' label, allowing each candle to be signed and dated by the candle maker. A wood veneer wax topper sits on top of the candle to keep them clean and free of dust before use. We also developed a color system using wax seals to color code each varietal scent and finished off the packaging with a small green sticker reminding each purchaser to please recycle again. To top it all off, each label was letterpressed (by Sideshow Press) and hand applied making these candles truly unique and handcrafted.

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Rachel Wiles