Speedo Training Aids

Stocks Taylor Benson Design was approached to re-design a range of packaging for speedo's training aid products. "The task was to Re-design the graphic and structural packaging for a re-launch of a range of innovative Speedo® ‘Training Aids’, segmented clearly into the two categories for a broader appeal, combining strong visual impact and heightened brand presence. The packaging construction must not use plastic in order to be more environmentally sustainable." More after the jump! 



"The clean and contemporary packaging design with strong consistent branding and high impact photography gives the ‘Training Aids’ an easily recognisable on-shelf presence. Hero to the design is the use of lifestyle photography and a flexible graphic water representation that moves and flows around the packs and in some instances interacts with the actual products themselves.

Contrasted against the white background this photography gives the range a unique look and ownable graphic identity, as well as prominently featuring the product for clear and immediate communication of its usage. 

The two categories are clearly differentiated by the use of colour (red/blue) and lifestyle treatment.

Typography was kept clean and simple so as to minimise any necessary language translations.

A diagrammatic ‘data centre’ was developed to identify core product benefits, including a 5 star rating and a muscle group guide. The card pack constructions were designed to reduce the amount of raw material and gluing. A banding system was created to hold larger, tactile products allowing them to be both viewed and physically touched. The eurohook was used to strengthen and secure the structure."

Designed by Stock Taylor Benson, UK