Concept Packaging: Good Tea

"Brief: Design a range of tea packaging

The target market is the health-conscious, predominantly female consumer, aged 25+, who usually drinks tea and fruit or herbal infusions.  It should also appeal to potential new consumers who are looking for a healthy alternative to coffee and other hot beverages.  This product should help the consumer feel good about making an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle and should also appeal to individuals who prioritise spending to ensure personal fitness and well-being.


Solution: The tea that's GOOD for every body

The simple bold title is the first device for attracting the interest of potential consumers.  A plain name for the tea works for the intended namestyle, incorporating a steaming cup of tea as a substitute for the letter D.  The end of the strapline uses "every body" as opposed to "everybody" - this aims to emphasise benefits for the body.  Tea leaves are scattered generously over either end of the box to act as an indicator of the product.  

The box comprises glue-free assembly, constructed from a simple diamond-shaped diecut with folds and a closing latch to secure into a triangular prism.  Two diecuts fit snugly onto one A3 piece of recycled manilla card to minimise paper wastage.  Only graphic elements are printed onto the textured packaging card to use less ink (only two colours on each variety of the range, as well as key black).

The design is intended to have a natural, earthy appeal as well as satisfying various environmental concerns."

Designed by Gary Kwok a self-teaching graphic designer