"Black is a very powerful color which communicates authority and in European markets has been used successfully to communicate elegance, luxury and sophistication for higher tiered and more expensive product offerings across a variety of categories. The use of the color black as a visual medium on packaging has historically been the category cue for the premium tier of the “good, better, best strategies” that we all know of past.

Coupled with secondary colors like silver or gold, black can elevate the price positioning considerably, and the addition of moody, luxurious photography can give a sexy indulgent message which psychologically reflects the image you are sending to the consumer – “buy me i’m the best”.


No doubt the ‘beauty in black’ will be here for a while in various shades and color combinations and within different categories, used successfully it can add a touch of elegance, enhance your brand image and have a striking shelf impact with a much higher quality perception."

Designed by Kaleidoscope