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 A package window is usually achieved through diecuts and/or clear inlays.  The visual of seeing the product through the package adds a sense of trust and validity to relationship the consumer has with the product.  While a simple rectangular window does the job, designers have chosen to work with the product and brand message to create unique visual enhancements.

Dyrøy Foods

"The hexagon shaped box is custom made, and stands out in the stores because of it´s carracteristic shape, and it´s emphasis on the product inside. The package is kept in 100% recyclable brown cardboard, supporting the honest and sober impression."


"I tried made luxury pack for a product that oriented exclusively on lower price segment. The form of ornament and transparent windows inspired by sunflower."

Tiny Fruit

"A captivating company culture & bold branding are an integral part of our strategy to grow Little Duck Organics,' says Zak Normandin, the Company’s Founder/CEO, to New Hope 360. 'We’ve put a lot of time and attention into developing Little Duck as an innovative leader in the children’s food category.'"

Waitrose Pizza

"The design solution uses still-life photography in conjunction with evocative pack copy, to hero the authenticity and provenance of the key ingredients sourced for each pizza.  Set against a muted colour palette and pizza slice shaped window, developed specifically, the final design re-enforces the range’s top-tier credentials as well as a slice of true Italy!" by Turner Duckworth.

White Wood

"'White Wood' is designed by Marc Atlan, an art director with packaging credits including Comme des Garçons, Helmut Lang and Yves Saint Laurent. Atlan, whose résumé previously includes projects for Baxter of California, describes his design as “a play on the contrast between a classic restrained elegance and a bold modern statement'."


"The brief from Kohberg was to come up with a packaging idea for the rye bread buns in order to increase awareness and sales, and since The Danish Cancer Society fights breast cancer the solution was obvious. Buns look like breasts  therefore, put them in a bra..."


"A simple yet effective symbol of the hand has been utilised across the range of packaging, offering both an immediate indication of the product’s function as well as enhancing the brand’s shelf presence. To stimulate consumers’ imaginations and attract their attention, the packs feature the hand as a clear window on the front of the pack, visually displaying the contents as an x‐ray image."

Bobble Jug

"Great packaging needs to mirror the product’s design, so when the bobble jug launched Safari Sundays created this minimalist structure that left room to display different filter colors while remaining easy to handle."

Nature's Hand

"The new premium packaging is bright and colorful and features a new resealable top that literally gives consumers a preview window to the 100% natural goodness inside."


"The brand purpose was to convey a product of origen certificated with organic companies around the world.  This product is developed using spring water from the volcano and passion from the workers that attend to this unique plantation."

Namaste Kid

"'Strategically, the goal for Namaste Kid was to create a brand experience that speaks to kids and parents alike,' says Kick Executive Creative Director Stefan Hartung. 'Namaste Kid has created something bigger and better for kids than the next fad toy. We really wanted to honor that.'"


Gina Angie