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"Geoff Weiser, co-owner of Skeem design and former advertising Art Director, has always struggled with the design of most candle lines. He noticed, overwhelmingly, that they featured a plain, ivory candle in a fancy box. The packaging was a bit of a letdown, because after you opened the candle, the box, which is the nicest part, was just trash. So in 2004, Weiser set out to create his own candle brand in which all the products are beautiful and intriguing on their own, without any excess packaging.

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12- ounce glass pillars are silk-screened with beautiful, colorful designs and then capped with a metal snuffer lid, which is also imprinted with a design to work back to the collection. The inks are all dishwasher safe and the glass becomes reusable as a drinking glass once the 90-hour candle has burned.

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The newer, Half-pint and 3-wick sizes have the added addition of a metal lid printed in a 4-color process directly on the substrate. This opened the door and enabled Weiser to expand his candle designs beyond the flat, 3-4 color designs found on the silk-screened pillars. He was able to use his vast collection of vintage textiles, wallpapers, and ephemera to adorn the lids of these colorful candles.  The containers are great repurposed to hold cotton balls, paper clips, or even as a sugar jar. Weiser’s newest introduction, the Pure Pillar, does away completely with containers and lids and instead is printed directly on to the wax.  Stripped down to the bare essentials, they are simply wrapped in printed, Kraft paper. No containers, no excess packaging, just a simple, basic design, made better.

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All of Skeem’s candles are silk-screened, then poured with a custom soy wax blend to ensure a clean, even burn. In addition to making beautiful, long-lasting products, Weiser is proud to have done his little part to manufacture a line that can be reused and recycled. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."