Help: A New Approach

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"As an exercise in contrasting approaches, we worked with a variety of crowd sourcing naming, branding, and logo design agencies, to re-imagine three of our products--Help I have a headache, help I can't sleep, and help I have allergies.

We approached this as we imagined a normal drug company might, emphasizing authority, ownability, and a scientific tone."



"Each help® product is named after the specific symptom it can help. This seemed like a logical way to name things. But it is not the way ordinary drugs are named. An ordinary drug company likes to make up fantastical words. This way they have a word that is ownable, marketable, and hopefully memorable. We wanted to find out what it would feel like if we named our products like other drug companies. So we worked with an online naming company (Squad Help) and an online design company (99 to rename three of our products."

Exercise by help

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