11 9 11 story1"wonderlandWPA defined the brand strategy and developed the brand identity including name, visual expression and tone of voice. Story aims to redefine the soft drink category through a brand that is confident, stylish and stands out through a simple and clear aesthetic. The identity also reflects the product’s 100% natural credentials.


A spokesperson for Story Brands Ltd. says, 'When it comes to food and drink,consumers are increasingly looking for healthier options. And while retailers have capitalised on this change of attitude, on-trade environments have failed to so. With Story we aim to redefine the on-trade soft drink category by driving demand with an exclusive brand that is not only healthier, but original, stylish and desirable.'

Story was developed in eight weeks, from brand concept to the delivery of samples - a fast turnaround designed to maximise the product’s competitive advantage. The brand will be available to trade from August 2011 and will be distributed throughout the UK with a view to developing export markets in 2012."

Designed by wonderlandWPA

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