Student Spotlight: Liberte

"The hills of Montmartre in the northern district of Paris is rich with history originating from the 19th century. It was there that a community of like-minded free souls, bohemes - with few permanent ties beyond the pale of respectable society, lived liberated and unconventional. Their lifestyle was centered around an artistic, musical and literary pursuit. More than often, they would find themselves drinking a glass - or five - of the mysterious, traditional drink of choice; Absinthe. It was believed to stimulate creativity, raise the drinkers consciousness, insights, and emotional experience. Inspired by the 19th century bohemian culture of France, I wanted to reflect the mystery in which the drink of absinthe is surrounded. A limited colour palette consisting of only black and silver was applied in addition to the dark green bottle, creating a dark mood. The packaging is comprised of premium materials giving it an exclusive feel."


Designed by Marius Wathne a student attending RMIT, Melbourne