Lazy Days

"Lazy Days is a new private label brand that make great wines in Western Australia.

Percept were asked to develop their branding and design wine labels that would give them the best chance of success in a competitive and saturated retail wine environment.
Seeing as Lazy Days is an easy drinking wine from WA which is a great place for a laid back holiday, Percept decided to base the whole idea of their brand around encapsulating this feeling and with a name like Lazy Days it was a perfect match.
When designing this label, Percept placed ourselves in the customer’s shoes and devised imagery of where they would escape to for a few lazy days. The idea is that you can pick up a bottle of Lazy Days and just escape your current reality for a while to a cruisier place for a little break.
Based on a postcard theme, Percept selected images of sun chairs and hammocks hanging from palms to illustrate a vision of where people would choose to escape to, to get away from the current hectic lives.
A naturally weathered and vintage look and feel was also applied to exentuate the relaxed theme.
The branding device is inspired by a postage mark and the modern looking split label features edges which accent stamps.
The theme is continued onto the back label which is written on like a postcard from an old friend which covers tasting notes and other back label information which are laid out in a more matter of fact fashion on most traditional wine label designs. This private wine label design was intended to be non-traditional, for the modern wine drinker who enjoys a few of lazy ones over a long weekend in the sun (even if they are on the lounge at home on a rainy Wednesday after a busy day at work!)."
Designed by Percept
Gina Angie