Before & After: Enzacta

"This was an 11-month rebrand starting with their core identity of this health supplement company. This was then expanded to their package design and other company materials."



1. What are the the main themes you tried to convey?

"The previous identity was developed quite a few years ago when the company was younger and was based on a diamond which recognized stellar performance. The look had become dated and, with new players entering the marketplace, it had lost ground.

We needed to have a younger, fresher, timeless solution that would make the brand meaningful again and looking like the leader—which was addressed internally and organizationally, but had yet to come to the front lines in terms of brand messaging and package design.

In essence, the theme was nature, humanity and achievement (symbolized by the universal expression of celebration— arms up in the air—as made visible by the negative space).
The beginning of this was new logo design and the new slogan we created: Life. Rebuilt."
2. Why did you choose a dark bottle/label design?
"The dark bottle and dark label configuration solved a host of branding issues. First off, it helped make the brand unified, which was vital, since the brand was previously developed with focus on the product and not as a brand. The dark color motif also added an element of sophistication to the line. Lastly, the darker color backdrop enabled the colors of the typography and graphics to pop while unifying the line."
3. It seems as though the line was not unified before. What steps did you take to unify the line?
"We had this as our basis for the project:
We know design is the alignment, reorganization, and fusing of aesthetics with judgement, tenacity, a touch of rebellion, and the know-how to keep a vision alive and relevant.
With that, we decided the darker background would work for most of the line, while a few items (B12 and Yakunaah) would have a white exterior with an orange gradient to pick on the primary colors in the brand formula established for the brand.
Initially, we had to narrow down the candidates in terms of a dark color background that would uniformly work and be available in the various types of containers needed (some were glass, others were plastic).
Once that was done, we settled on very deep brown bottles and jars. This had a hint of warmth for the warmer colors that made up the mark and the typography.
We did have the advantage of having many of the products in hand at one time, versus having a single product with no long-term brand vision.
Once done we decided to create the mark with a sans serif custom font and have product names use Trajan, juxtaposing the sans serif with the classic timelessness of the serif font Trajan.
Those became the anchor. From there, everything else seemed to flow vary organically."

Creative Director: David Brier
Logo Design: Felix Sockwell