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 "An identity, brand positioning and packaging project for the innovative, gardening focused, lifestyle company Boskke. The new logotype is reflective of the unique position that Boskke occupy in their market, whilst being grounded and relevant to their product. The idiosyncratic double 'K' letter-forms in the name are modified to create a visual link to plant growth. The project includes full implementation of the identity across all product packaging, installation guides, point-of-sale, marketing and brand materials. The project also includes the naming and branding of the innovative reservoir irrigation unit, the 'Slo-Flo System'. Named to reflect the reservoirs operation which utilises the permeable nature of terracotta to irrigate the plant, thus minimising watering frequency.


'When Boskke first met with Bibliotheque, we were a young team with an exciting product and potential. Through their distillation and consolidation of our vision, Boskke is now an exciting brand with a strong personality and even greater potential.' – Patrick Morris, Founding Director, Boskke"

Designed by Bibliothèque


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