Mina Harissa

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Mina Harissa is "a new red pepper sauce that both differentiates within a crowded category and connects with the taste conscious consumer."


"The brand identity simply expresses the culinary culture, provenance and authenticity of Mina Harissa, a sauce hailed as the heart and soul of Moroccan cuisine. The simple brand icon captures the essence of Mina Harissa by using the six ingredients of the sauce within the shape of a red bell pepper when cut in two. Its style reflects patterns and graphics found on traditional Moroccan tiles and textiles. The logo was inspired by Arabic letter forms, expressed with a touch of contemporary style. All of this combined with a color palette of tones of black with a hit of spicy vibrancy gives Mina Harissa a premium, authentic style that sets it apart from the other sauce brands. Mina Harissa is now available at major grocery chains such as Wegmans and select gourmet stores (Épicerie Boulud, Joans On Third and Loaves & Fishes) as well as specialty web-sites (igourmet.com, abesmarket.com, foodzie.com and savorique.com) Monday Collective specializes in connected brand design ideas. Founded by Rochelle Martyn and Lisa Simpson in 2010, it is based in New York."

Designed by Monday Collective

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