Sweeteeth Chocolate

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"Sweeteeth is a boutique handcrafted chocolate company that originally approached us for packaging design services. At the time, the company lacked a trademarked name and its products and branding were unready for a national audience. We extended our services for Sweeteeth beyond simply redesigning the existing packaging to include business renaming, logo design, product naming of each of the bars and development of a tagline.



The happy tooth logo has a vintage cartoon feel and almost screams out for a jingle, emphasizing the homey, handcrafted nature of the product. The hand-drawn illustrations on the packaging continue the development of this aesthetic, hearkening back to older styles of package design. The packaging of each bar is distinct, for example the “Sea is for Caramel” packaging consists of various deep-sea creatures, referencing the sea salt that perfectly complements the dark chocolate and sweet caramel. While the logo and packaging emphasize the handmade feel, they also locate the brand firmly in the realm of up-market boutique products.

Since putting the new packaging and logo into use, Sweeteeth has seen a nearly 75% increase in production."

Chocolate bar labels designed by Fuzzco

Jar labels designed by Ashley Maness

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