Emporium Collection

"Casa Rex, one of Brazil's most renowned and awarded design agencies with branches in London and São Paulo, has designed the "Emporium Collection"- a striking range of products for the Livraria Cultura bookstore." Cheeses, cold meats, herbs, ice-cream, pastas, salads, and spices were the inspiration for the Emporium Collection. The packaging is inviting and easy going to match the playful patterns on the products.



"We can find good patterns anywhere. But with this specific project we wanted to go further. Rather than just creating items that only had aesthetic appeal, we set out to create a concept that allowed people to interact and engage with the pieces on different levels, and to activate emotive connections at the same time. We treated the graphic design as being something less passive than normal." comments Gustavo Piqueira, head of Casa Rex and creative director of the project, who worked on it jointly with Samia Jacintho.

Designed by Casa Rex