Student Spotlight: James Grendzinski

Designed by James Grendzinski, who is a student about to graduate from Central Connecticut State University in a few weeks.

Check it out below to see his works. 


Body Sense: For this project we were asked to create 3 packages for an all natural bath soap that was marketed to both male and female consumers. The design imitates a retro, Victorian feel to keep the product gender neutral and display a sense of sophistication for this luxury bath product line. Different symbols and colors identify the different types of soap. 



Coffee Break: The brief for this project had us creating a package for 3 different roasts of coffee. We were able to decide how we were going to market the company and I wanted it to be an organic coffee company. My concept was relaxation; getting away from the daily grind to some exotic location. The colors used in the packaging represent sunsets, with variation in hue depicting the intensity of the roast. The faded words in the background are a play on the subtle tastes you experience when you drink that particular flavor.