'by Hoogesteger

"'by Hoogesteger' is a fantastic juice drink story from Holland. It's a new brand for the Dutch market based around our big idea of 'Just picked and pressed'. Since 1955, fruit expert Piet Hoogesteger has supplied his local, seasonal juice to hotels and restaurants. Our challenge was to create an honest, straight forward brand, to reflect his uncompromising approach to creating the purest juices. Our brand name, ‘by Hoogesteger’, is direct and straight forward. Our big idea, ‘just picked and pressed’, symbolises fruit morphing into juice and allows the ingredients to speak for themselves. From an expert ‘behind the scenes’ to a premium brand. 'Picked and pressed' is also the brands strapline."
Designed by Designbridge. Check it out below for more pictures and press release.
CLAIRE PARKER, creative director at Design Bridge, about ‘by Hoogesteger’: A man obsessed with capturing the purest juice in a bottle.
Piet Hoogesteger started his business in 1955, supplying fresh fruit and juices to the Hilton hotel and other discerning customers, but always behind the scenes. Building on his extensive experience and expertise in the imported fresh fruit market ensured that he only ever used the highest quality seasonal fruit in the creation of his products. Having garnered so much success behind the scenes, our real fruit specialist deserved a brand that reflected this dedication to delicious premium quality fresh fruit juices pressed daily to order. Just picked and pressed
We were asked to create a brand that reflected the honest, unadulterated simplicity of Hoogesteger fresh pressed fruit juices. To reflect Piet Hoogesteger’s passionate uncompromising approach to great quality fresh pressed juices in the retail market.
With fruit sourced locally, in season and at its prime you can’t get fresher. The only process it goes through is to be pressed. No concentrates, no preservatives just juice. It really is that straight forward. 
The perfect drop
Just show it like it is, a piece of fruit one moment, a drop of juice the next. 
And our signature to confidently endorse the quality of each and every bottle “by Hoogesteger”
Just juice in a bottle
A solution as direct and straight forward as its maker, but with a knowing smile.  
There’s no need for bells and whistles when you are confident that the quality of the ingredients will speak for themselves, just the facts;
250ml fresh juice
picked and pressed
Karien Jeekel, Marketing Manager at Hoogesteger Fresh Food, about the cooperation with Design Bridge:
 “We are very enthusiastic about our coöperation with Design Bridge on the development of the ‘By Hoogesteger’ concept. They have been able to create out-of-the-box solutions, acted pro-actively and understood our commercial thinking. We are very happy with the results and received a lot of positive reactions from our customers.”