La Maison des Maîtres Chocolatiers Belges



Minale Design Strategy created the brand name:

"The idea was to build an emblematic store that would identify and personalize the country’s master chocolate makers. The Maison is a federating element, a brand in its own right. We did not want to create a shop that would be but a patchwork of various artisans and their wares. At the Maison des Maîtres Chocolatiers, on the contrary, each individual brand is showcased for its specific qualities, in a homogenous, value-enhancing setting.

Maison was chosen for its warm family ring. The purely Belgian (100% Belge) aspect of the project is expressed through codes borrowed from the world of chocolate (100% cacao). As for the typography, it is mix that reconciles the values of craftsmanship and tradition, on a blue ground that adds a luminous, contemporary touch."




:A brand that encompasses tradition and modernity:

The cursive font reflects the fluidity of melted chocolate and the touch of the master artisan.

The blue ground illuminates and the white sans serif type adds an uncluttered, contemporary feel. The decorative framing ornament was inspired by the rich heritage of the Grand Place, taking the values of tradition and excellence a step further.

The idea of pure, 100% cacao has been transposed here to express the national roots of these 100% Belgian products (100% Belge).


Key brand elements are carried through to package design and communication tools : from the display window to the web site, from aprons and informative leaflets to chocolate boxes. «Each item plays a key role in promoting the identity and coherency of the project,» indicates Florence Balaes, designer at Minale Design Straegy.

The shop itself is a vector, anchoring the image of our Master Chocolatiers both in Belgium and abroad."