Tuned Pale Ale


"Tuned Pale Ale is a product by Philadelphia based designers Matt Braun and Chris Mufalli that explores the musical affordances in everyday objects and promotes social spontaneity. While drinking beer, people become musically encouraged and often start making start making music with objects around them. This product aims to promote more of this type of social interaction. Tuned Pale Ale helps to inform users about the musical qualities of existing bottles and to make the bottle a better instrument. A clearly marked graphic on the side of the label shows a user what notes can be played at certain levels of liquid by blowing across the top."

"The form of The bottle was also redesigned to help inform users of its musical affordance.  


Taking inspiration from the Guiro, a latin percussion instrument, ridges were added to one side and can be played with the cap. The neck is designed to be held comfortably between two fingers without slipping. With multiple people, Tuned Pale Ale becomes an ensemble of wind and percussive instruments.

The packaging was seen as an opportunity to create a memorable keepsake and a unique instrument. When turned upside down, this limited edition holder is a tongue drum that produces six different tones. This compliments the bottles and makes Tuned Pale Ale into a fun, easy to use, music making kit.

To date, only a small batch of microbrew was produced and sampled with great success. Tuned Pale Ale is currently seeking larger brewing and distribution options."