Sony Ericsson POS displays

Innovative POS display packages for Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Created by Adentity.

"Adentity is working closely with Sony Ericsson developing mini POS display packages for their new mobile phones. Before, Sony Ericsson distributed hundreds of thousands of mobile display phones in standard carton packaging world wide when they launched new mobile phones.

Beginning with the launch of their high end phone - Satio, Adentity has produced over 25 unique and exciting mini POS displays for each phone launch. Each solution starts as a carton package, transporting the display phone to stores globally. Once delivered, the carton package can then transform into an inspiring and attractive mini POS display. Adentity is bringing out the soul of the phone and marketing it in a way that has never been done before.

The success of the concept and solutions are huge with strong response from all markets and subsidiaries leading to great exposure in-store."

Country: Sweden


All designs are copyrighted and protected by Sony Ericsson...