Before & After: Anchor

"Anchor, the iconic New Zealand milk and dairy brand, has a fresh new look at the hands of brand design expert, Dow Design." OLD design above, see below for the new!

"'Our aim was to find a simple and powerful visualisation of freshness, to represent the modern dynamism of Anchor,' says Dow Design Creative Director, Donna McCort. 'We were inspired by the sun, because it helps grow the grass that feeds the cows, and it's a happy, universal, dynamic symbol. The Anchor sun is bold and strong but its hand-drawn feel gives it a warmth and humanity.'

In the wake of an increase in competition based purely on price, Dow Design wanted to reinvigorate the Anchor brand and its values, taking it from a commodity back to the trusted brand that generations of New Zealanders grew up with. To help achieve this emotive link, short stories that capture joyful moments of everyday life, reminiscent of the Anchor family ads, appear on the packaging.

Anchor’s Senior Brand Manager Anna Maginness explains, 'The new packaging encompasses our values, bringing freshness and warmth through lively suns and engaging stories. It introduces a more caring persona for Anchor, creating a fun and inspirational new identity for the brand to interact with the consumer. It has brought Anchor back to the kiwi brand everyone loves.'

The Anchor logo, long seen as a seal of quality and approval, has only changed slightly on the new packaging, now appearing at a slight angle. Another element that hasn’t changed is the variant colours; blue still representing original standard milk, light blue for ‘lite’ and green for ‘trim’.

Dow Design distinguished Anchor's enriched milks range by applying individual symbols  to represent their unique offering while matching the straight-forward, modern personality of the brand's sun symbol. Bottles of ‘calci+’ boast a sunflower; a flexed arm muscle appears on ‘mega’ and a ‘star’ on ‘super blue’ 

Anna Maginness says, 'Dow Design has successfully integrated pieces of brand equity across the range, getting the navigational cues spot on and creating better stand out for Anchor, whether its on a shelf or in a crate.'

Anchor’s new branding appears on bottles of fresh milk and cream now available in supermarkets, dairies and convenience stores nationwide. In November, the brand’s tetra milk cartons, milk powders and UHT long life milks will also be rebranded with the new design."