Vintage Packaging: No.4711 Perfume

This Particular Vintage Bottle is being sold for only $8 USD here. You'll have to be quick to add this to your collection!


 "This is a vintage empty paper label glass bottle of No 4711 Cologne from Germany.This 1930s perfume is still being manufactured in Germany. "4711" is actually the house number on Glockengasse in Cologne where the perfume is made, stored in oak casks with its formula a well-guarded secret.

The screw-on top is fully intact. On the top is a symbol and "Blue & Gold Trade-Mark"...The label reads "Eau De Cologne, Blue & Gold Double, No. 4711, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off., Ferd. Muhlens, Inc." The back of the bottle is embossed "Glockengasse 4711 Koln/Rh". The bottom of the glass is embossed "110 CC, 15" and the number 7."