Studio Spotlight Day: Proof Wine Collective


Today we are doing something that we have never done before, featuring work from only one studio, exclusively, for an entire day.

Proof Wine Collective is a San Luis Obispo based collaboration that emerged to create an unequaled atmosphere for new ideas about wine. It exists to nurture innovation, fuse thinking with enthusiasm to develop original concepts until they become tangible creations. Each design is a work of art, and deserves its very own post.

"This packaging is the physical manifestation of many hours of intense collaboration within the collective. We immersed ourselves in these projects with the conviction that good design is meaningless unless it is inspired by something amazing. The packaging was not designed to look good on a computer screen, but rather to have genuine, tactile appeal in a natural habitat. These bottles look best on the shelf, in your hands, in your refrigerator, and on your best friend's dinner table."

We will be featuring 16 posts that will update throughout the day, so be sure to check back throughout the day and see them all.

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