Student Spotlight: David Mikush

David Mikush is a soon to be graduate of the Creative Circus in Atlanta.  Check out more of his work after the jump. 

"The first is a chocolate company concept: Kernel Jester's makes "twisted confections" (ever had a pimiento cheese-flavored chocolate?). Vintage carnival-inspired packaging supplements KJ's quirky flavors and separates it from more reserved gourmet chocolate brands."


"The second is a brand extension of Burt's Bees: Handmade honey is better honey. Our team created Burt & Bumble as an extension of earth-conscious, natural beeswax products maker, Burt's Bees. Samantha Schneider (the other designer) and I strove to create a design aesthetic that was both high-end and demonstrated Burt's Bees' values and commitment to environmental responsibility."