Delights of Sweden


A-B-D is a design agency based in Sweden. They created this packaging for crisp bread manufacturer Delights of Sweden.

Photos and thoughts on the design process after the jump.

Photos by: Alexander Pihl

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From the agency:

"If you’ve got a crisp bread that actually’s got flavour, you’d be a fool
not to put it in the heart of the brand strategy and packaging concept.
So that’s exactly what design agency A-B-D did. 

The task of
creating a new brand in one of the most traditional categories in the
Swedish food markets isn’t that easy. Especially not when the world
leader is Swedish with nearly 70 % of the market and Swedes eat more
crisp bread then any one else, making it as Swedish as IKEA and the
traditional design nothing you muck about with.

'We had a
discussion about weather to just make a modernised version of the
traditional design, but with a true challenger like this we had to make
consumers take notice even if they weren’t looking. We had to puncture
that autopilot that made them buy the same traditional woodlike
flavourless bread every day and focus on the core idea of the product.
The flavor,' says Design Director and founder Fredrik Bengtsson

of making a coherent brand name for the different flavours A-B-D
therefore made the flavour the most prominent part of the packaging.
Brand recognition thereby is based not on the company name but by the
bold numbers on the front of the packaging, which automatically puts the
flavour at the core of the brand. This need to stand out is also
evident in the colours that create a rainbow on the shelves. 

'The brand isn’t just about the numbers and the colours. We’ve also
worked a lot with the tone of voice creating different characters with
their own story related to each flavour. We want people to smile when
they pick it up. Put a little heart in to it and make it about something
else than just the numbers,' says Fredriks Bengtsson."