The Brand Hatchery concepted the product idea and package design
of Boxsal as part of an internal agency assignment. They loved the idea so much they
formed Three Blind Ants, LLC, a new design company dedicated to picnic
and consumer focused fun products. Lots more photos after the jump.

"[Boxsal is] an eco-friendly, modern picnic box dressed
head-to-toe in a design style that allows you to tailor your picnic to
your personal style. Whether it's the romantic taste of Today's Date,
the inner-city style of Urban Picnic or casual coolness of Office Escape
— Boxsal is a place to pack your creativity along with some tasty

Each Boxsal is completely recyclable and
biodegradable right down to the knives, forks and spoons included in the
Boxsal Eatin' Tool kit. Utensils and cups are made of compostable corn
starch. The trays and bowls are created from sugar cane fiber. Each kit
also contains recycled napkins and a compostable trash bag for your
picnic left-overs. And while the Eatin' Tool kit is disposable, the
picnic box can be used over and over and over. It can even double as
storage box, luggage or portfolio case in the winter months.

The fact that each picnic box is fully sustainable was kind of a
given for the project. We figured that was really just the entry-fee
associated with fabricating a new product these days. The real magic
lies in the creativity that each Boxsal can bring to a picnic. You no
longer need a 100-year old oak tree to serve as the corner stone of your
afternoon getaway. Instead you can find the nearest rooftop or
inner-city park and toss down a blanket and some imagination."