Colombo Tea and Coffee Co.

An African classic gets a fresh new look by Durban based agency; The Hardy Boys.  More info and great detail following the jump.  

"Two years ago I was given the exciting opportunity to rejuvenate an historic South African brand, “Colombo Tea and Coffee Company” by its fourth generation Managing Director, Victor Richardson. Since 1917, Colombo Tea and Coffee Company has been a familiar friend to the people of Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa. The company has seen its fair share of ups and downs over more than 90 years of business, but in recent times the brand had lost value and image in the eyes of its patrons and new consumers.

We were lucky enough to work with 'The Hardy Boys', a Durban based packaging design agency. Our team decided on a new name with an old sound: 'Colombo Fine Beverage Co.' and they redesigned our logo in the likeness of an 80year old stencil that we once used to brand our cartons. Victor and I decided to go back to our roots, with a bias towards specialty, drum-roasted coffee, but we wanted to communicate our heritage to a selective retail audience. Together with The Hardy Boys, we created a retail brand in dedication to our founder that tells the story of his travels to Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and Java. This is what the design team came up with (please see below). special thanks go out to Nadja Oxborrow for the beautiful illustration and presentation case styling!"