Studio Spotlight: Grow


This Studio Spotlight features Spanish design firm, Grow: The Design Consultancy. Check out their work below. 



"Modernity, tradition, past and heritage. Tradition in typography, modernity with a decentralized composition, simplicity with white spaces in label and personality in capsule."



"Capricho is more than a wine, Capricho is the desire of the winemaker.  In the design a bit crooked labeling simulating how the spontaneity seem as if every bottle made manually, like made by hand and exclusively by the same winemaker."



"Manzanova is a trademark of Galicia's cider.  The re-branding comes with a very distinctive leaf. The new logo combines a textured sheet fully integrated into a rounded typeface as apple symbol and a reflection of naturalness."



"From a typographic game, incorporating the M as a brand.  The red and black colors reflect the complexity, depth and body of this red wine.  Author's second wine of the series, which embodies this essence of the Pla de Bages region."



"A bottle with a very distinctive and attractive lines, the wines have been made with a very characteristic regional varieties.The stripes are alternating colors depending on the product.  Also this line game is alternating in the tasting sheets, stationery and box."


"Offtopic format for a wine, a new format: wine in a can, perfect individual format especially convenient in transportation and easy opening.  A young sparkling white and rosé wine to reach an audience much more urban, young and bursting."


Olis ylla

"Design development of the oil Ylla 1873, in memory of the founding date.  The olive oil is obtained only and exclusively from olives of the region of Empurdan, where they have centennial olive trees.  The label emphasizes the icon of the oil mill "where they pressed oil" and wants to reflect the traditional method."

Ponte de Boga

Ponte da boga

"Redesign of the brand with the idea of maintaining the bridge, but a lot more typographic bridge. Mencia and Godello are a very autochthon varieties that opt for a much more contemporary and elegant image."

Specimens BP

Probetas PB

"Spirits in a test specimen, the perfect size to taste the spirits. Despite not being any experiment, as in Galicia the 'Orujo' spirit is an ancestral tradition.  This contradiction want to give this game of the specimen as a tasting, as it is a sample of the product."



"Cavas Torrallardona is a family cellar. A redesign to continue giving tradition, experience, expertise and origin."