DV Chocolates

South African based Atpace designed the look for DV Chocolates.

"DV Artisan Chocolates are made in micro batches in Hermanus, South Africa. The small company prides itself on a ‘bean to bar’ approach – carefully sourcing its raw ingredients to produce the best quality results. Cocoa is imported from places as disparate as Trinidad, Venezuela and Madagascar." 

"The brief was to design a logo and packaging that communicated the premium nature of this boutique offering. It soon became clear that the company founders represented both the ‘head’ and the ‘heart’: the sheer love of chocolate + the science of its manufacture. The logo was the first iteration of this dichotomy: a ‘hard’ D combined with a ‘soft’ V to form a single identity. The theme was continued on the embossed wrapping, and on the bars themselves. Here, we took our inspiration from the dramatic natural nexus of Hermanus: the ‘hard’ mountain married to the ‘soft’ ocean.

Selective use of colour banding allowed us to indicate the different origins of the original cocoa beans. Again, a contrast is noted in the text: the global nature of the producers + the local passion of the manufacturers."