Virtuous Ales

Freelance designer Brent Loosli of Portland, Oregon came up with this really cool design for beer packaging. Check out the rest below.


Brand Summary

"Courage, loyalty, & honor are virtues that have spoken to generation after generation. These virtues have been displayed only by individuals of unwaivering determination. Inspired by a time when virtually all men were greatly honored to serve their fellow man, this brand comes to life in order to inspire others to achieve the same greatness that others once displayed.

How many virtuous individuals still exist? In a culture where the only news is bad news, Virtuous Ales seeks to find some good in the world and inspire others to be virtuous as well. Courage, honor, & loyalty are traits that seem less and less abundant yet are essential to the human spirit. Virtuous Ales is hopeful that with its own persistence it can show its audience that virtue can still win out and that great sacrifice is a worthy pursuit."

Design Summary

"The Maltese cross played a strong role in the aesthetics of this project. The cross is eight pointed and has four "V" shaped arms which stand for the eight aspects of courage. Loyalty & honor are a part of these aspects. The main typography on the label and six pack were specifically chosen to bring the brand across multiple centuries of visual history and avoid an excess of medieval nostalgia. I wanted the packaging to pay tribute to the past while also seeking to be relevant to contemporary culture. The brand is not just about virtues of past generations, but virtues that still exist within people today.

The label orientation & shape were intentional in keeping a consistent look and feel, but also chosen for brand differentiation. The color palette was inspired from the uniforms of decorated soldiers while keeping shelf appeal strongly in mind. The seal at the top of the bottle imitates a military pennant and contains the brewmaster's signature to complete a sense of refinement."