Kiehl's Gift Set Package

One of my personal favorites. Tri-Plex Packaging Corportation does away with plastic for the Kiehl’s Gift Set Package. See more below. 

"As designers, we all are painfully aware of the consumer perception that plastic is not eco-friendly may not be entirely accurate but it impacts packaging in today’s market. Structural problems in package design that would be easy to solve in plastic must be re-engineered to work in paperboard. As plastic was felt to diminish the brand’s all-natural appeal, the Kiehl’s gift set package presented us with the opportunity to design a durable multipurpose package that, when presented at retail, converted into a premium gift with purchase and without any use of plastic.

Ken Golden, President of Tri-Plex Packaging, adds, 'We used an angled rigid tray with insert and partially telescoping lid to solve the in-store display requirement, as it is easy to remove the lid, turn it upside down, and place the base inside. The pre-pack requirement was more of a challenge as we had to make sure that the package and the product, positioned on an angle inside it, could withstand the rigors of transport throughout the supply chain.'

Further thought was given by ‘floating’ the package inside the corrugated shipper, which protects it from the impact of an almost 3-foot drop. By using a piece of U-shaped paperboard, both the corners and the lower front angle of the package itself are reinforced. The next trick was to hold the three cylindrical jars without using the typical vacuum form plastic tray, which can be fitted snugly around and under the jar on the sides and bottom for protection and security during transport.

When the package lid is removed and the jars displayed on the counter, they are surrounded by beautifully printed graphics within the package interior so that the all-natural beauty of the product, package, and brand message is achieved."

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