Student Spotlight: Lovers of Teruel


Communication Design major, Osman Ozkara is a 3rd year student at RMIT University in Melbourne. Check out the project below. 



"This is a identity/bottle/label and packaging design for a Premium Limited Edition Sherry called 'Lovers of Teruel', targeted at wine & alcohol connoisseurs alike. Buying wine and other expensive alcohol is a very personal experience, the buyer comes in, touches and feels the bottle, gets up close and personal with the whole personality of the design and it is often a deciding factor in which they choose. However, giving the wine a name wasn't enough, I wanted to make it personal, have historical value, and tell a story. 

The name Lovers of Teruel is based on the Spanish romance story that is alleged to have taken place in 1217 in the city of Teruel, between two lovers Diego & Isabel.

The design communicates a modern and traditional feel, using warm colours, a simple silhouette logo giving the two lovers an identity, textured paper stock and a custom made wooden box to house and present the bottle. The Sherry is a limited edition bottling, totaling 200 individual bottles. The bottle number is hand-written on to reflect that hand-made feel and craftsmanship. 

The logo and story are both printed onto the side of the custom wooden box, allowing the customer to delve into the history and story whilst enjoying this premium Sherry."


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