Beautifully designed boxes for Munio products, high quality sustainable home decor products. Check them out below.

Designed by Victor Lieberath Studio:

"The Munio products have a timeless look and feel and they blend right in with the modern Danish furniture classics like Wegner and Jacobsen. We created the packaging to have a similar classic feel, something that you would like to keep for years and something that would fit right in on your book shelf along with the classics. The packaging and graphics are inspired by book casings and the rigid boxes are bound similar to books, using a tactile uncoated FSC paper quality, using black paper on the inside and white paper on the outside. The boxes close with concealed magnets in the lid and a semi-transparent sleeve with screen printed graphics surrounds the box. The first line of products come in 10 different sizes, from 12cm to 60cm in length so the challenge was to make the packaging work for all sizes. To avoid shipping empty boxes to where the products are packed, making the process more enivironmental friendly and cost efficient, we came up with a folding solution where the boxes are flat when shipped and with a simple movement, the corners are raised and stick together with a strong double adhesive.

Munio is a Danish based design brand with a commitment to high quality in design as well as craftsmanship and an ambition towards promoting sustainable forestry on an international platform. Munio means I defend” in Latin and this is the principal idea behind the Munio range: a commitment to preserving the planet’s endangered rainforests through beautiful, high quality home accessories."