Before & After: Southern Alps


London based design firm WonderlandWPA redesigns the Southern Alps packaging.  Check out the new and old design after the jump.



What started out as a homemade fruit snack and muesli sideline for the family back in 2001 has become a much loved product for conscious consumers. Using only the finest, fresh fruit, and drying it with just warm air and nothing else, maximum flavour, nutrition and goodness is retained.

The task:

To create a strong brand, clearly communicating the unique benefit of their slow drying fruit process as well as developing a distinctive personality for the brand.

The solution:

A mix of the unique drying process and strictly no use of sugar or preservatives means the brand truly deserves its proposition of ‘best taste under the sun’. Taking this and the key personality traits of honest, quirky and fresh faced, the new brand identity and packaging swiftly followed.

The results:

The design brings the proposition to life and offers incredible shelf standout. Listings were gained in Ireland for the first time and all of a sudden Southern Alps was a credible competitor alongside the other luxury, ethically-sourced brands in retail outlets such as Planet Organic.