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Diverging completely from traditional pastel hues and floral patterns, U by Kotex--a new product line from Kimberly-Clark featuring tampons, liners and pads targeting 14- to 22-year-olds--hits the shelves this month. According to the firm that designed the brand’s packaging graphics, the line’s black packaging accented with bright colors signal a revolution in feminine care and presents an image that is sleek, upscale and bold.

“Kimberly-Clark aims to completely redefine the feminine hygiene category. The challenge in doing so was pinpointing the exact visual territory for the brand. We strategically mapped the different personalities of women in this age group in order to drill down to the visual essence that would be most meaningful for the U by Kotex brand,” says Gregg Lipman, managing partner of New York-based branding agency CBX. “The idea is to help girls and women feel empowered by providing them with opportunities to express themselves.”

The design for the packaging was based on extensive research. Teens and young women expressed a need to tone down the embarrassment factor (e.g., tampons accidentally falling out of a purse or backpack), therefore the packaging is discrete while still making a statement. 

“We drastically altered the visual landscape of the feminine health aisle by creating a graphic vocabulary for U by Kotex that leverages color palettes and abstract patterns from the fashion world,” explains Rick Barrack, Chief Creative Officer, CBX. “The black package is attention-grabbing on the shelf, yet discreet when sitting in the shopping cart, purse or home.”

Under CBX’s design, the letter “U” stands out on the box as an icon for the brand. “Contemporary, straightforward, clean fonts are used to call out brand, product type and form,” Barrack continues. “The product names have more personality and reflect the benefits of the products.”  For example, “U by Kotex Click*” Tampons make a click sound when fully extended and are ready for use and “U by Kotex Barely There*” Liner is a very light liner fit for any kind of undergarment.  Additionally, many of the product names convey the feel of a girl’s handwriting."

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The packaging is all about surprise and delight both externally and internally. Every aspect of the package is an experience from the outer carton to the inner wrappers.  The windows on the package help simplify the shopping experience by allowing the consumer to see the products and easily gauge product thickness and size.

As part of the introduction, the brand’s new compact tampon, “U by Kotex Click*” Tampon is also merchandised with reusable tin containers that come in 56 different patterns for taking products on-the-go. The reusable tins are almost completely unbranded (except for a small logo on the back of the tin), to allow for complete privacy. 

”No other U.S. brand in this category offers tins,” says Barrack. “They’re really an effective way of expanding the brand’s reach, as they can be merchandised in the feminine hygiene section, cosmetic aisles, checkout counters, and other sections of the store.”

The brand is also utilizing the back of the package in a unique way.  CBX worked closely with the U by Kotex brand team to develop 60 to 70 different myths/facts that will appear in rotation on the back panel.  These include valuable heath facts, as well as playful, fun facts to make girls feel better about themselves, while educating them about feminine health. The back panel is also designed to help drive traffic to the website, www.ubykotex.com, where young women have opportunities to learn, engage and share.

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