Student Spotlight: Bloom


New work from Melissa Cullens, after the jump.


"The beauty packaging market is dominated by cliche, hackneyed femininity. Within that loud market, Bloom is a fragrance designed to appeal to a woman who is looking for something graceful, natural and intuitive. The bottle is designed to fit in the palm of the hand, and slides open by the motion of the thumb. Its form is reminiscent of a seed, and its curves were inspired by the human body. The nontoxic wax fragrance well can be interchanged, so that the bottle itself can be used over and over as tastes and the seasons change. 

The packaging for Bloom was intended to appear as though something that you might stumble upon in the grass. It’s nestled into a felted, grass green bed and hidden away beneath a subtle grey box, the paper of which is heavy and textured to indicate it’s luxury, but simple and refined."