Anon Jewelery


Pearlfisher has created anon – a new brand of premium diamond jewellery for the HD Group; owners of a portfolio of successful diamond jewellery brands. Check it out after the jump.


"ANON was specifically created to challenge and stand out in a very tired and clichéd premium diamond jewellery market founded on the ‘diamonds are forever’ sentiment.

Pearlfisher’s approach was to confront this sentiment and turn it on his head by focusing on the person, moment or occasion rather than on the diamond. ANON references unknown authors of love, poetry and folktales – its understated and ambiguous nature allows the brand to take a step back, putting the consumer in the spotlight. This is reflected in the new strapline: 'every story has a diamond’. 

Jonathan Ford, Creative Partner Pearlfisher, “Everything we have created for this brand – name, design, copy - is about the unique moment and personal story and has an element of discovery, mystery, personal interpretation and levels of depth.”

He continued, “The ANON identity is a simple triangle, echoing an 'A' shape, and representing the facets of a perfect diamond/ perfect balance of life. Each of the two bespoke packaging boxes comes wrapped in an 'origami' style outer, which then reveals a box with a triangular shaped key inset into the lid. Removing this key and inserting it into the lock springs open the box to reveal the jewellery.”

Adryan Cresswell, General Manager ANON, said, “Working with Pearlfisher has been an enlightening and entirely positive experience. A winning combination of passion, enthusiasm and talent has made for an enjoyable and fascinating journey. We’re proud of the result – a new high-end diamond jewellery brand with a persuasive identity and an endearing ‘brand truth’. We look forward to developing the business and hope to tap into Pearlfisher’s expertise along the journey.”"