Student Spotlight: Plusminus Batteries


New work from student Dan Bryant, a Graphic Design student in Glasgow. Take a look at his project after the jump.



"I recently completed an essentially open brief to create a new brand of batteries, and hoped they could be considered for submission.

I decided to go down the rechargeable battery route. There's almost no emphasis on the ecological benefits of current rechargeable batteriesm which I wanted to explore. I used nature imagery to anthropomorphise the recharging of a battery by showing things humans need to live, and sometimes take for granted. I wanted a huge escape from the futuristic, swoosh and nasty gradient filled current battery market.

Everything was cut and folded using a manually controlled cutters and folders - no laser cutting was used. Was printed onto a recycled 405gsm grayboard."

IMG_2717a IMG_2716a 
IMG_2712a IMG_2643a IMG_2676a