Before & After: Exotic Planet


London based WonderlandWPA turns an ordinary juice brand, into an exotic juice brand. Check it out below.

Background: Exotic Planet fruit juices are squeezed straight from the fruit and with a little dash of spring water and fructose, they taste divine. However, with packs that did absolutely no justice to the quality and taste of the juices, Harrods decided to de-list the brand leaving Harvey Nichols as the only retail outlet for Exotic Planet.

The task: To develop new branding and pack graphics that effectively communicated its distinctive positioning as the ‘Gucci of juice’ across its core range of kiwi, mango, guava, pomegranate, pineapple, watermelon and three berries.  

The solution: Silver foil blocked contemporary typography for the branding, that confidently sat above the beautifully shot planet-esque shaped fruit, set against the sophisticated black background."

Key objectives: To develop unmistakable premium cues for the brand. To create a range of juices like no other in the smoothie and juice category.

The results: A sales uplift of 15% and a re-listing in Harrods where seasonal collections were also added to the core range.