Before & After: Found Organic


We briefly featured Found Organic last month, turns out, it was actually a re-branding. Take a look after the jump for a new series of images of the before and after, and read about the reasoning behind it.

"Re-branding of Found Organic - an Australian owned 100% pure, exotic juice. As the first carbon neutral juice company in the world, the design concept represents a transparent, ethical brand positioning. What you see is what you get - Found as is. The Font is Bold and strong, has nothing to hide as illustrated by the fact there is no front or back to the bottle with this label - the eco-friendly spray-printing wraps around a conical bottle shape that was inspired by a high end cosmetic brand.

The unique fruit flavours all carry high antioxidant associated health benefits, such as better circulation and blood-flow, which lead to an improved physical appearance such as glowing skin. Therefore the design and marketing strategy was to marry a bold, high fashion look and feel to a direct beauty led health benefit. 

Unable by government law to make overt health claims, the design objective was to associate the brand emotionally to the cosmetic / beauty industry and the design team were challenged to make a beverage look like a high end perfume brand, yet still maintain 'taste,' 'fresh' and 'exotic' credentials a modern juice brand needs to sell at the retail level."